Post. Usap. Deal.

I’ve been cleaning up my room the past few days (.. well, more like the past three months) and found a lot of stuff that I no longer need or use. I’ve never been a really good sales talk person (or whatever you call it), but I thought it might be a good idea to sell everything that I find sellable.

I’ve actually thought of doing this around two months ago but never got around to do it. But when our company gave us a gadget gift that I didn’t really need (because I already had one), I felt the need to sell it online kasi sayang. Eh ayun, sinipag na ako mag-post, andun na eh!

sulitI just started posting ads on my Sulit account last Sunday and so far, I’ve sold an iPod Shuffle, Kimmijunior keychain set and Super Mario Galaxy 2 Wii game. Astig! I actually didn’t expect that I would be able to sell the Wii games right away, and I definitely didn’t expect that I’d even get to sell the Kimmijunior set, hehe. So.. swertehan talaga!

Plus, I got to sell my Logitech iPod Dock Speakers to Iena, too (since I couldn’t use it with my iPhone 5 now). Ang saya lang, hehe.

I wonder if I can find other stuff to sell in my room.. hmm :P

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