It doesn’t have to make sense to make sense.

“Love doesn’t make sense… You can’t logic your way into or out of it. Love is totally nonsensical, but we have to keep doing it. Or else we’re lost and love is dead and humanity should just pack it in. Because love is the best thing we do… It doesn’t have to make sense to make sense.”

- Ted Mosby (How I Met Your Mother, ‘The End of the Aisle’)


Experimental Cook! – Tuna Melt Sandwich

Tuna melt sandwich

Here’s another tuna recipe for the books :) It’s Lent and I can’t eat meat on Fridays, so I decided to make myself this sandwich for dinner. My inspiration for this is one of my favorite menu items from Cafe Breton.

It actually tastes better than it looks — the photo above doesn’t really look like a tuna melt sandwich (should’ve added more tuna spread), but believe me, it does taste awesome.

It’s really quite easy — For the tuna spread, just mix drained tuna flakes, low-fat mayonnaise and grated cheese. Added in a pinch of salt, then white pepper and a bit of garlic powder. After making the spread, toast a couple of wheat bread slices with butter then add the tuna spread with a bit more of grated cheese on top. Finish off with lettuce and sliced tomatoes.

That’s it! Light, healthy and yummy =p~


Write, write and write some more!

I love that I’ve been getting a bit of traffic in my blog the past few months! Not that I’m too self-obsessed — I just love that I get to share and help people with whatever I write about, especially since the numbers tell me that my travel mini-articles have been the most searched topics (and maybe a bit of my cooking posts too, but I definitely think there’s a lot to improve in that area).

Well, I won’t be traveling until the later part of this year, so I’m thinking of writing travel throwback posts in the coming days ;) And as for food, well you guys know I’m trying to cook some more this year :)

If you visit my blog every once in a while (a friend, an acquaintance or maybe some random reader who has time to spare), if you have any suggestions on what I can write about or what you’d like to read about, please do leave me a message. I’d love to write some more (because I need more practice!)

That’s all for now.. byeee! :p